I hope everyone is having fun with Burger Battle! I'm sure you know by now that playing can get very competitive, so I decided to make a downloadable tally sheet to keep up with your victories!  You can now keep up with how much you've been clobbering your friends and significant others - Just download and print it out!  It will also fit perfectly in your Burger Battle box!

Burger Battle Tally Sheet Download


The NEW Burger Battle Wesbite!

Welcome to the new website! Here, you’ll find all of the information on Burger Battle you’ll ever need. Here’s a quick breakdown of everything you’ll find on the site…

Here you’ll find all of the information on Burger Battle, including how to play, reviews, commercials and anything else you might need to get a full scope of what Burger Battle is all about!

In this section you’ll find an up to date blog complete with any exciting news or new releases. Check back regularly to see what’s going on!

In the shop, you can pre-order Burger Battle and pick up any other merchandise for your burger-lovin’ friends and family!

This section contains information on any exclusive cards that are currently available for Burger Battle. These cards are only available at special appearances or events.

Burger Battle will be traveling regularly around the country to comic conventions, gaming conventions and art shows! Be sure to check this list regularly to see if we’re coming to your town so you can pick up a copy of the game in person as well as some exclusive cards!

Have any questions, comments or concerns regarding Burger Battle? Please get in touch! We would love to hear from you!