Q: What type of game is Burger Battle?
A: Burger Battle is a drafting strategy & sabotage card game.

Q: The packaging says ages 14+. Is there something in the game that isn’t suitable for younger audiences?
A: There’s nothing questionable or inappropriate in Burger Battle. We’ve found that audiences eight and older really enjoy the game!

Q: Where can I buy Burger Battle?

A: You can purchase the game HERE!

Q: Is Burger Battle available for wholesale?
A: Yes! Please contact us HERE for wholesale inquiries

Q: I opened the box and there are two separate decks. Do I shuffle these together?
A: Yes, shuffle both decks thoroughly to make one large deck prior to starting the game.

Q: Can I put multiples of the same ingredient on my Burger?
A: No, only one of the same ingredient per burger (unless ingredients are added via game play, i.e. Pickle Plague).

Q: The package says 2-6 players, however there are 8 Burgers. Can we play with 8 players?
A: No, for the best results, it is recommended to play with no more than 6 players.

Q: The package says the game takes 15-45 minutes, but our game lasted closer to 90 minutes. What happened?
A: Chances are, during the game Burgerpocalypse was used. Remember, this card is optional. When played, you’re destroying all players’ ingredients and in turn lengthening the game.


Q: How are Battle Cards played?
A: Battle Cards are discarded after they have been played unless they are adding ingredients, protection or a special ability.
From the Rules, “Battle Cards that add ingredients, protection or any special ability will remain to the left of the affected player’s Burger; all other Battle Cards go in the Graveyard after being played.”

Q: Can a Destroy eliminate a Burger Force Field?
A: Yes, Burger Force Field protects your Burger and ingredients, however the card itself is not protected from Destroy.
From the Rules, “Battle Cards that add protection only protect your Burger & ingredients from other Battle Cards; however, they are not immune to Destroy.”

Q: Can I draw Battle Cards from the top of the Graveyard?
A: No, only ingredients are able to be drawn from the Graveyard.
From the Rules, “Cards can be drawn from the deck or an ingredient can be taken from the top of the Graveyard.”

Q: Do Burgerpocalypse and Burger Bomb eliminate added Battle Cards (i.e. More Meat)?
A: No, Burgerpocalypse and Burger Bomb only eliminate a Burger’s ingredients and ingredients satisfying Battle Cards.

Q: Can I use a Destroy to counter an attack against my Burger such as a Burger Bomb?
A: No, Battle Cards cannot be played out of turn, unless noted on the card (see exclusive cards).
From the Rules, “Battle Cards can only be played during your turn, unless otherwise noted on the card.”

Q: When using Grave Digger, can I take more than one ingredient from the graveyard?
A: No, you can only take one ingredient per Grave Digger card.
From the card, “Dig through the Graveyard for any needed ingredient and add it to your Burger.”

Q: Can an ingredient that’s satisfying a Battle Card be stolen?
A: Yes, once an ingredient is on the table, it is fair game to be stolen or destroyed.


Q: If i have a played Burger Force Field and I have a Force Field Thief in my hand, can I steal another players’ Burger Force Field?
A: No, you can only have one form of protection on your Burger at a time.

Q: If I play Get Outta Here to deflect a Burger Bomb back to another player, and they have a Burger Force Field, what happens?
A: Both the Burger Bomb and Get Outta Here go in the Graveyard leaving both Burgers unscathed.

Q: There are certain Battle Cards with “HA” in the lower right hand corner. What does this mean?
A: It means these are joke cards and provide entertainment value only.

Q: What can eliminate Burger Armor?
A: Burger Armor is a variant of Burger Force Field and can also be eliminated with Destroy.